Hua Hin jazz Festival For A Unique Jazz Experience

Thailand Hua Hin Jazz Festival

Thailand Hua Hin Jazz Festival

The usually annually organized Hua Hin Jazz Festival has over the years grown in both popularity and professionalism, drawing visitors and musicians from Thailand and across the globe. The Hua Hin Jazz Festival was the brainchild of Hilton General Manager Dirk De Cuyper. The official 2013 dates for the festival has not been announced yet. However, visit the blog regular for updates on the Hua Hin Jazz Festival.

The first Hua Hin Jazz Festival originally kicked off in 2001. Just as where it was organized, the waves of the sea were as turbulent as the festival. The festival has continued to grow both in popularity and professionalism, attracting musicians and visitors from Thailand and overseas. Multiple stages have been set up to express the performers’ passion for jazz. Thousands of international and local visitors attended the 3 days event in Hua Hin, a beautiful seaside town and the “Royal Town” of Thailand, sharing their passion for jazz in particular. Hua Hin often receives the names Jazz Town and no wonder with so many jazz and music lovers of all ages gathered together in the town and share their love for jazz, greatly performed by Asian and Western artists and musicians. The Hua Hin Jazz Festival certainly is a unique outdoor destination event for anyone bringing cultures, jazz music and beach life together in an interesting mix.


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